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17.04.2006; CD, DVD, MC
The latest release of the artist who – one of the few in Russia – actually sings. Valeria is, by all means, the artist for ones who have a taste for fine music and a sensitive soul. In her case, each and every album is a triumph. The secret? Valeria knows how to change, at the same time staying true to herself.

Eugenia Malakhova — I`m not an angel

01.11.2005; CD, MC

.VALERIYA. — Land of love

01.03.2004; DVD, VHS

Valery has presented songs from the album "Land of Love" in the State Kremlin Palace. Directors: Andrey Boltenko, Andrey Sychev. Also the edition included exclusive photos Valerys, texts of her songs and a videoclip "Was it love ".

Dmitry Hmelev — City of the Childhood

20.02.2004; CD, MC

.VALERIYA. — Land of love

12.10.2003; CD, MC

Avraam Russo — 1001 night - concert in s/k "Olympic"

10.10.2003; VHS


20.07.2003; CD

Various Artists — Planet NOX - volume 6

10.07.2003; CD, MC

Avraam Russo — Simply to love

00.03.2003; CD, MC

Natalia Chajkovskaja — Revelations

16.01.2003; CD, MC

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