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"Trud" 24.04.2006

Valeriya celebrated her birthday in one of the Moscow nightclubs. Another event was for this one - the release of her new album “Nezhnost’ moya”.

The singer told that the release of the disc was more important for her than the birthday. Two thousand people were invited to the celebration. The singer performed few songs from the new album for them.

The leading composer and musical producer of the new album is Victor Drobish. There are 11 songs and 4 bonus-tracks on the CD disc, and 8 videos and two documentary chronicles of their creation on the DVD.

“This album is the beginning of a new way in Valeriya’s career. We put our whole soul to give pleasure to our admirers.” - told Prigozhin.

The premiere of Valeriya’s concert program “Nezhnost’ moya” ("My tenderness") will take place on November the 18 th in SC “Olimpiysky”, - RIA Novosti reported. “It will be a great show with marvelous decorations and magnificent program”, - promised Prigozhin.




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