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"Vash Dosug", 18

Positive changes in Valeriya’s private life became the reason of absolutely changes in her music appearance – from “advanced” pop rock star with pretension to aestheticism she became the leader of native scene. During two and a half years from the moment of the appearance of  her preceding disk the life of the singer has been very rich. She has never left TV and various scenes, and we could see her not only in the role of a vocalist but also as a presenter of pathos ceremonies. On the whole the full rating prosperity and limited edition of the new album became its apotheosis. Solely its appearance is noteworthy!
    Except CD disk, a big golden box contains bonus DVD disk with singer’s music video. It also contains few artificial rose-leaves imbued with wonderful perfume. There may be divergences of opinions, but it’s impossible not to notice such an unusual set. The quality of material fits the PR and design of the album. New songs are understandable, but not primitive, though it will hardly become pop classic. Pops-accompaniment, made with accurate electronic, is mild and unobtrusive – it’s easy for perception.
 On the DVD disk there are the last videos of Valeria, including duets with Stas P’yeha and plain superhit “Chasiki” ("Clocks").

Alexandr V. Volkov

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