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Vakhtang Kikabidze
Vakhtang Kikabidze
Kikabidze Vakhtang Konstantinovich, a professional singer, actor, screenwriter, producer, the author of many songs, was born in Georgia (Tbilisi) in 1938 on July 19th. Georgian national actor, the winner of USSR state premium, the winner of different international song concourses and film festivals. The chevalier of awards of honour of the king Vakhtang Gorgasali (of Nikolai Wondermonger and Knight Cross of St. Konstantin the Great). The honourable citizen. In 1999 in Moscow on the "Star Square" was founded his star. In cinematography he created a pleiad of eminent actors who became very popular. Here is the list of such films as: "Ne gor'ui", "Mimino", "Melodii Veriiskogo Kvartala", "Sovsem propashii" and so on. His last film "Fortuna" was made with the producer Georgi Danelia in 2000. Constantly goes on tours. As a scriptwriter and producer made two feature films: "Bud' Zdorov, dorogoi" (took the first premium on the international comedy festival in Grabovo, Bulgaria) and "Muzchini i vse ostal'nie". Married with two children and three grandchildren. Since 1996 has been brought in the international encyclopedia "Who is who".
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