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The «NOX-music» company was founded on the 1st of October 2000 by one of the leading Russian producers – Josef Prigozhin. «NOX» is a prominent holding company which expanded its activities at all fields of variety art and show-business.

The «NOX» tenders offers of full-scale producing of beginners and experienced singers and music bodies. The «NOX-music» collaborates with the best audio studios, with famous film loop directors and song authors, photographers and journalists, visagistes and stylists.

The Nox-music collective is a group of professionals in the field of promotion, concert organization, advertising and PR technologies, which uses individual approach to each project. That is why all «NOX» singers are remarkably distinguishing for its stylish image, well compiled repertoire, professional film loops and high-quality advertising and PR campaigns at national business field.

«NOX Music» is not just a casual abbreviation, it is the essence of principles of its functioning at the music market. The company has existed for 5 years already and was founded as a basis for future National association of cultural communities – a grand project of Iosif Prigojin aimed to unite cultures and arts of world nations. The company catalogue includes almost all demanded music styles and unites different music tastes. Choosing its singers «Nox-music» tries to be guided by a quality and a potential of music production regardless of a genre (it may be pop, rock, dance or folk music).

The company was created for preservation and development of national and folk cultures, for advocacy of cultural heritage, for uniting people by means of cultural interplay and for consolidation of friendship links between nations. In other words – «for solution of problems of our time with the aid of the culture» – as Josef Prigozhin wrote in his bestseller book «Politics as the top of the variety art».

The last project of the company – Valeriya’s album «Nezhnost Moya» ("My Tenderness") – was realized in collaboration with the record-company «Soyuz». It became an event in variety art. Valeriya is the main singer of the «NOX-music» company.

Many very famous singers in Russia and in former USSR singers have passed certain phases of their creative biography with NOX-music, for example Vahtang Kikabidze, Nikolai Nskov, Abraham Russo, Kristina Orbakaite, Alexander Marshal, Andrei Makarevich, Alexey Glizin, the guitarist DiDuLia, Valeriy Sutkin, Alena Sviridova, Lika Star, Masha Rasputina, Evgeniy Osin, Paskal’, Natalia Vlasova, Oskar, and groups «A-studio», «Duna», «Kvartal», «King and Jester» and so on.

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